graft_logo_350pxAlpha-Bio Tec, which is a leader in offering contemporary solutions for stomatology implantology, presents its new line of products for bone and soft tissue regeneration - Alpha-Bio's GRAFT. As part of the ideology of Alpha-Bio Tec for provision of complete range of stomatology implantology solutions, Alpha-Bio GRAFT offers easy to use, secure and reliable solutions for a wide spectrum of clinical indications.

Alpha-Bio's GRAFT product line offers a variety of products for bone and soft tissues regeneration, which comply with all stomatology requirements and indications. The product family includes Natural Bovine Bone, Synthetic Resorbable Bone, Collagen Membrane and Collagen Fleece, which cover all possible needs - from filling of cavity after extraction to the most complex bone augmentation.

Easy use, reliability and foreseeability are important for each clinical procedure. Alpha-Bio GRAFT products are developed in a way that completely fulfills these requirements and provides foreseeable results. During the regeneration process each of the Alpha-Bio GRAFT products becomes integral part of the newly formed bone structure.

All Alpha-Bio GRAFT products are clinically tested, manufactured in "clean rooms" and in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Alpha-Bio GRAF products carry a CE marking in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC, as amended with Directive 2007/47/EC.

In order to learn more about the full range of bone substitutes and membranes of Alpha-Bio Tec, visit the section BIOMATERIALS on the manufacturer's website.