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The implants of the Alpha-Bio Tec system offer ideal solution for satisfying all needs of both implantologysts and patients. Suitable for all types of bones, offering great variety of lengths and diameters, Alpha-Bio Tec implants allow stomatologysts to provide the best treatment by means of application of great variety of surgical procedures - from an ordinary implant insertion to complex procedures in complicated situations.


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 Apart from the invention of the spiral implant Alpha-Bio Tec also has other unique developments. One of them is NanoTecTM, which was born as a result of long-term intensive research. This is a special surface treatment of the implants, which considerably increases and improves the osteointegration process, reduces the treatment time, helps the prevention of complications and provides durability for years ahead.

The collected clinical data show that Alpha-Bio Tec implants reach a total clinical success of 98.3% and 99.6% with the use of the immediate loading procedure.

The unique characteristics of Alpha-Bio Tec include*:

  •     Better control at insertion;
  •     Better initial stability;
  •     Possibility for self-screwing;
  •     Self-hacking functionality;
  •     Possibility for condensation of local bone at inserting.

* It is possible implant characteristics to vary for the different models.

In order to learn more about the full range of implants of Alpha-Bio Tec, visit the section IMPLANTS on the manufacturer's website.

Alpha Bio Tec offers implants with lifetime warranty

lifetime_warranty_web_small Alpha-Bio Tec's high quality products meet strict international standards.This is why they can provide you with a Lifetime Warranty for their wide range of implants.

In any case of a defect in the product, implant rejection, fracture or contamination of the product, subject to filing a complaint report, Alpha-Bio Tec shall replace the defective merchandise.

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