Alpha Bio Tec пусна серия протетични продукти, предназначени за CAD/CAM дентални системи


Alpha Bio Tec is extending the art of Simplantology, to your CAD / CAM restoration jobs, making it as simple as our implant systems.
The technological changes taking place are truly revolutionizing the way dentistry is practiced and the manner in which laboratories are
producing restorations. The advent of CAD / CAM has enabled both dentists and laboratories to harness the power of computers to design and manufacture esthetic and durable restorations.
Alpha-Bio Tec Introduces a comprehensive range of restoration products for your CAD/CAM restoration jobs.

For more information please download DentalWiz family PDF catalogue.

Published: 03.06.2015

Alpha Bio Tec offers implants with lifetime warranty

lifetime_warranty_web_small Alpha-Bio Tec's high quality products meet strict international standards.This is why they can provide you with a Lifetime Warranty for their wide range of implants.

In any case of a defect in the product, implant rejection, fracture or contamination of the product, subject to filing a complaint report, Alpha-Bio Tec shall replace the defective merchandise.

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