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At every age it is possible to loose a tooth or few teeth due to illness or an accident. The insertion of stomatology implants is the most up-to-date solution for compensation of the loss and restoration of the disrupted function or aesthetics.

dental-implant-treatment Implants are small metal screws, which are adopted by organism and grow into the bone of the jaws. Implants consist of two parts – base, which is screwed in the bone and provides stability, and abutment, which is screwed on the base and is used for fixing of a crown, bridge, denture.

Since the traditional methods of treatment with substitution of teeth with bridges, partial or full prosthetic have some drawbacks, connected to appearance and functionality, for many stomatologysts dental implants are the preferred method for tooth substitution.

One of the main advantages of the dental implants is that they provide stable base for substituting teeth and help for the protection of the neighboring teeth and of the structure of the bone. With traditional methods it is necessary healthy neighboring teeth to be drilled in order to be used for fixing of the crown or bridge. When bridge constructions are used, the neighboring healthy teeth absorb the chewing load of the missing ones, which causes their faster amortization and destruction. Moreover with bridges and crowns the root is not substituted, which can lead to complications in the future and to need for removal of the whole construction so that the necessary treatment is performed.

When implants are used, the dental implant substitutes the root of the lost tooth and provides stable base for the substituting tooth with which the need for drilling healthy neighboring teeth disappears.

Additional information for dental implant treatment can be obtained from the patients' information leaflet.

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Alpha Bio Tec offers implants with lifetime warranty

lifetime_warranty_web_small Alpha-Bio Tec's high quality products meet strict international standards.This is why they can provide you with a Lifetime Warranty for their wide range of implants.

In any case of a defect in the product, implant rejection, fracture or contamination of the product, subject to filing a complaint report, Alpha-Bio Tec shall replace the defective merchandise.

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